§1 AdministrationEdit

§1.1 Structure of SKAEdit

Every region that desires to join immediately rescinds their membership of other states, including, but is not limited to, UBSR, The Molten Empire, and BIRCH. The state is simply there to provide a name for those who desire to be in a region with no extra rules to reside.

§1.2 ChangesEdit

Any changes to the rules other than this initial writing must be approved by a supermajority of the members of SKA. This will be done through a to-be constructed building in Darvwnse-a.

Anyone may join or leave SKA as they please.

§2 InfrastructureEdit

People are encouraged to follow the regulations on UBSR rail, as it is based in Spawntown and underground, which on Blacraft is international property and is not owned by any one state or region, unless a building occupies the space.

§3 EconomyEdit

§3.1 Chest LawsEdit

Chests, if the person desires, may be locked, but locked chests must be unlocked to at least two other members of SKA. To do something such as this, type /cmodify @username and then click on the desired chest to add the permissions.