This poll was posted by Blanoxium. It closed on July 12, 2011 at 00:00 UTC.

The pollEdit

Should we connect the underground rails at the stations, remove public minecarts so people can use their own carts or carts in chests at stations instead?



  • It greatly reduces the number of carts being duplicated because of a bug when the server crashes.
  • It makes it possible to get the "On a rail" achievement (assuming a rail route is long enough).
  • People will no longer have to wait for minecarts at every station, which reduces travel time.
  • It is more realistic that rail routes don't have to stop every 160 meters just because minecarts don't move in unloaded chunks.


  • If people forget to take their carts off the rails after using them, it will cause problems for other people using the system.
  • Only if everyone have minecarts in their inventory will it not be needed to transfer minecarts between stations, as people pick up minecarts in different stations than they place them in.


  • For: Blanoxium, Ventus, _Darvince, Quontex
  • Against: None.