Regional Government Blanoxium
Area (m2) Unknown
Water (m2) Unknown
Buildings Unknown
Mines Unknown
Roads 2
Distance to Spawntown (m) Unknown

Awesomeland is a region located west of Epicland. It is warmer, has less trees and very high and steep cliffs in the mid-western parts.
Sheep are abundant in Awesomeland, especially at the Sheep Plains in the eastern part. After Quontia was founded by Quontex, he and Blanoxium built a road through the southeastern part of Awesomeland, connecting Epicland and Quontia. Near the river seperating Awesomeland from Quontia, Bridgetown was founded by Quontex - the city is a diplomatic center for Blacraftians. The biggest bridge as of October 2011, Quontia Bridge, connects Awesomeland and Quontia at Bridgetown.
Later, a big rollercoaster was built in and around the massive cliffs in the western parts of the region by Blanoxium, and a road was built from Bridgetown to the rollercoaster.